Client Testimonials

Trey Hebson Ministries

“Working with KMTECH has been amazing.  This guy knows his stuff.  I would highly recommend Ryan Hall to anyone looking to advance their business on the web.  My website is top notch and I will continue to work with KMTECH in the future to maintain and improve what I am doing digitally!”

Trey Hebson
Trey Hebson Ministries

The Nfluence Network

“Before working with Ryan (KM Tech), our team struggled finding a competent, affordable, customer service oriented web developer to service our small but growing church & non-profit organization.

We were constantly frustrated with our communications and marketing pieces not being updated in a timely manner. We struggled talking to our technology vendors (Aware3, CCB) because we couldn’t speak their language to get what should have been simple problems fixed quickly. Our whole IT process was dysfunctional and failing which resulted in loss of opportunities with clients and unrealized revenue.

With Ryan there was instant trust developed because he took time to understand our needs and offer comprehensive solutions to get the job done. Ryan never tries to sell us more than we need and always paints a full picture, with the pluses and minuses of his recommendations so we can weigh the pros and cons and feel good about the conclusions we come to.

I knew we made the right decision to work with Ryan when I opened up our website one Monday morning and saw all of our weekly communications accurately updated by 8 a.m., even though he works two time zones away from us!

Now that we have Ryan on our team, I can rest knowing that whatever IT issues come up, they can be solved in 24 hours (usually much less.) Working with Ryan also gives me the freedom as an executive to focus on tasks that will grow our business, knowing that with every new idea our team dreams up, we’ll have the IT support we need to execute those ideas and bring them to market ahead of schedule!”

Krissy Miles
Executive Director of The Nfluence Network

24 Social LLC

“Ryan (KM Tech) has been such a pleasure to work with; I plan to partner with him for all my clients’ website needs. His work is exactly the level of quality I look for, and he is extremely reliable and responsive. I’m looking forward to working with Ryan for many years!”

Kristin Howard
24 Social LLC

High Tech Roofing CO

Ryan understood what I wanted and knew the answers…my go to guy.  
Thank You!!

Phillip Orand – High Tech Roofing

Wesleys International

We have been working with Ryan Hall, (Talgrin LLC / since August of 2018 and it turned out to be the best. We had built our organization’s website and were hosting in India then, but we needed to make some changes – including moving the whole website from Indian server to US server, setting up our website’s donation link, and getting other features to work correctly.

Anytime you get technical service, you are concerned about the finances. I was too, because I knew Ryan and his team will be working not only in US side, but they would also have to work with International server guys and it is time consuming because of time difference. But we were relieved to find the best deal ever! The most impressive thing was that they made us feel comfortable and did not get frustrated while working with overseas guy with time difference.

We speak blessing over this company and over Ryan Hall for their great tech service. Their business has a very clear vision and works with clarity, prompt replies, have up-to-date, A-Z knowledge on tech issues, great prices of course, and are very resourceful and approachable.

May you prosper in the days to come.”

Dawa Wesley
Founder/President of Wesleys International

Drew Montreuil

“I have been with Talgrin (KM Tech) since 2008 and have enjoyed stellar service and excellent, fast hosting. Technical support is fast and efficient, and the personal touch is always appreciated. Ryan works with me to meet my goals and get me exactly what I need to be successful, nothing more, nothing less. I highly recommend choosing KM Tech for all of your online needs.”

Drew Montreuil,